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Honeymoon Destinations in Bali

After the wedding, here comes the fun part; the Honeymoon! You need a proper honeymoon with your beloved by your side. However, without a clear plan, you may be spoilt for choice thus ending up with a confused honeymoon. With a well-engineered honeymoon guide, you have the guarantee that your entire time during your honeymoon is going to be memorable.

If you prefer to spend the whole day in a peaceful and quiet surroundings, Bali is very popular among honeymooning couples. You can take your time walking along the pristine beach with the soft velvety sand under your feet and feel the freshness of the air. Some of the areas offer tranquillity and relaxation to the core in total privacy, maximising your cosiness during your sunbathing time at the beach. You can spend hours swimming with your loved one in the sparkling water or lazing around on the sand with hardly anyone else around. Take a shade beneath the huge tropical trees and enjoy sips of a tropical drink.


Recommanded Co-Working Spaces in Bali

Bali has insanely become popular among digital nomads. A fantastic balance between work and play has inspired thousands of entrepreneurs to flock to Bali. With faster Wi-Fi connections and better infrastructure, this island quickly became a hub for digital nomads. Co-Working spaces have popped up with unique personalities of their own. The workplace itself is not only important but also the location and the entire community that prevails within.


Bali Metaverse To Attract More Tourists by Helping Them Discover Experiences Before They Arrive

The Metaverse is not new, but as of April 6, 2022, this new technology now allows the average person to be immersed in high-resolution interactive worlds that travellers in the real world can enter with a simple one-step login to pre-discover what a Bali vacation experience could feel like.


Bali & Beyond Travel Fair 2022

The 8th Bali & Beyond Travel Fair (BBTF), which will be held on June 14-17, 2022, received a positive response from various tourism industry players, both domestic and foreign. From Bali and beyond, the accommodation, travel, attractions, and government agencies are ready to showcase the potential of their respective regions and use this annual event as a powerful promotional tool. More than 182 sellers will take the opportunity to develop business through this major trade fair event.


President Jokowi Says “No More Mask!”

President Joko Widodo said that the public is no longer required to wear face masks for general outdoor activities and in areas that are not packed with people. The improved situation related to the Covid-19 pandemic, he said, led him to loosen the face mask protocol which was introduced early into the pandemic back in 2020.


The Early Signs of Recovery for Bali

Bali ranked the top search destination in Indonesia, while the entire country ranked third as a destination in Asia, following closely behind Thailand and Philippines. Agoda's data also shows searches from Bali's top five international origins markets, namely Australia, United States, Singapore, United Kingdom, and South Korea respectively, with the highest search increase from Australia (220%) and Singapore (200%).


Ways to Save Money for Holiday Travel

Many people want to travel for the holidays but they don’t feel like they can because their budget doesn’t allow for it. Yet there are plenty of ways you can raise money to be able to do so. The sooner you start making a plan and determining how much money you will need the more successful you will be. Come up with as accurate of an amount as you can so you wont’ fall short. If you overestimate the amount of money you need for holiday travel then you can enjoy it later on.


Top 5 Dive Spots in Bali

An island surrounded by sea with an enchanting underwater world makes Bali a perfect destination for diving. Imagine yourself among coral, cute fish, and large underwater creatures. You don’t want to miss this when you visit Bali! Do you want to discover if diving suits you or do you not have time for a complete diving course? Bali is a great place for an introduction dive. Under supervision, you can dive without a license.