Amena Spa

To escape from the stresses of everyday life, it is always important for us to take some 'Me' times and just relax. The first thing that pops up in our mind is a whole day at the spa. There is no doubt some treatments at a spa could help rejuvenate us both physically and mentally. However, a full-day treatment at the spa can be expensive, and not all of us can afford such a luxury. Not to mention the effort to get an appointment, head to the spa and then head back home. It would be so much easier if we could bring the spa home. Not just the fact that it is less time consuming, but it also provides the bliss that we've been craving without drilling a big hole in our bank account. AMENa Spa is your option to get your luxury spa treatment at your home. Derived from the Irish language, the word AMENa gives the meaning of honesty, comfort, peace and tranquillity of the soul for the body and spirit whose power comes from the universe. Nature is a source of calm, comfort and purity in the heart of every human being. AMENa Spa comes to your home with unique packaging, providing comfort, peace and inner peace using human techniques. They serve consumers with heart by bringing portable beds and using VCO oil from virgin coconut. The Portable Bed used has been specially designed so that it is safe and comfortable for consumers. Meanwhile, Virgin Original Oil (VCO) is made from virgin coconut which is fermented for 24 hours. The Hot Stone comes from natural river stones that have been processed finely so that it is safe and comfortable for the body. The therapists have been trained by professionals to provide several treatment options, such as Balinese Spa, Hot Stone, Sirodara Spa and Healing Spa. After finishing all rituals for your spa at home, it is time to soothe your soul. It is not easy to create your home spa as peaceful as the cosy corners of the luxury spa, but AMENa VCO will help to reduce any external noise and melt it to become harmony, tranquillity and relaxation. Simply by tapping this essential oil onto your temples, in line with your eyebrows, then you will instantly leave the stresses of the day behind.

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